(Verse 1)

We had so much promise

But your pretty mouth could not be honest 

And every word that you said

Was tainted with regret


I could feel the distance grow 

I could feel your hands let go

While I was still trying to hang on

You made me feel so right when i was so fucking wrong...

(End verse 1)



You gave up on all our dreams

You told me secrets, you told me things

You destroyed the house we took so long to make

It's all your fault, you let it fade 

(End chorus) x2



(Verse 2)

You had, a tremble in your voice 

I could hear the silence in your noise 

I could feel your fear with just your looks

Your eyes were empty, but I wish this would worked 



Honestly, I could write infinitely about you and me, but with no sincerity 

Our past, didn't last cause of your lies

We're no longer together, so I won't waste my time

(End verse 2)



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