My Own Two Feet

         My Own Two Feet

I walk on given precious gems

far better than a crown of gold

two stands with jointed wiggly stems

to bring me places yet untold

As swift as wind, gentler though

to climb the highest rocky peaks

for dashing past the trees that grow

beside the spring time lazy creeks

Graceful, still, awkward Why?

Getting longer, skilled, with age

many shoes, new pairs to fly

a ballerina takes the stage

They're mine, not perfect but complete

down below, my own two feet



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Lyrical and sparking with

Lyrical and sparking with metaphors, charm and wit. Enjoyed! 

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Gratitude for the simplest

Gratitude for the simplest things keeps the heart full and soft and plyable. Wishing you a wonderful journey, dear poet.




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Very nice

Very nice

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your own two feet,may you

your own two feet,may you walk that way forever

ron parrish

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. . .

That's awesome

Copyright © morningglory

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Edwin Starr sang: "Come on feet, don't fail me now!"

~Lady A~

Hope all is well with you and yours. So far, we are fine. Be well!



Lady A