The Rag-And-Bone Man

“Rag-and-bone! Rag-and-bone!”


A man trudges down their street,


Small and bent over and pushing a cart.


He stops right outside their house,


And taps on the window.


“The man is coming and knocking on the window.


Shouting and laughing and tapping at the glass.


Knock, knock, knock, knock.


The bone man’s here,


Standing in the hallway with a bottle of gin.”

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a boneman with gin,a peace

a boneman with gin,a peace treaty maybe

ron parrish

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Certainly unusual,

Certainly unusual, admittedly. The poem originally came from a novel I'd written in which a group of petty criminals hide their activities around s rag-and-bone man in 60's deprived East End of London  ( well before my time!)

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smart move on their

smart move on their part,seems london is full of mysteries

ron parrish