The Church Bells

The church bells toll across the meadows,


SIgnifying the time;


A succession of musical chimes that people barely notice,

As they have become accustomed to the ringing.


The village is planted near a river,


In a valley where locals have dwelt for centuries,


Eating, living, worshipping and dying, 


Their descendants carrying on the name, year after year.


A village static but alive, surrounded by hills and ascending paths.


The church bells ring.

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This writing is beautiful

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks very much,

Thanks very much, hopefulwoman.

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What an incredibly attractive

What an incredibly attractive description of an idyllic place.


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Many thanks, Jan9th. 

Many thanks, Jan9th. 

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My pleasure.  The poem

My pleasure.  The poem actually reminds me of a couple episodes of The Twilight Zone, in which there is an escape to an idyllic place.