The Unseen Violinist

The unseen violinist plays late at night;


Long drawn out tones that tremble with emotion;


A haunting Czardas set in harmonic minor;


Flattened Sixths that speak of other worlds;


Of longing and beauty and despair.


The tempo quickens, the mood switches.


The violinist’s bow dances across the strings,


Like a wagon speeding across a country path,


The sounds of the wheels echoing as the night sky watches.


The violinist plays with ease.


A lively dance.

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"the night sky watches"

 Just the right image to accompany the "jangling" of the strings:D

From Wallace Stevens's The Man With The Blue Guitar

"To bang from it a savage blue, 
Jangling the metal of the strings"



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Great imagery for this mind to see. Enjoyed. 

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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Thanks so much, Sootyash.

Thanks so much, Sootyash.