"Twenty Minutes To A Lifetime"

You looked into my eye's and told me that you loved me,

saying whenever I was in doubt to close my eyes and I could see you there with me,

you told me whenever I was scared to just close my eyes and take a deep breath,

and let it out because you would always be there for me.

You told me if anything should happen to you,

never be afraid because you will always love me,

  you told me that you would be back in twenty minutes and not worry,

but twenty minutes has passed, and you're no where in sight,

and then I got a phone call saying this is the police.

They told me to sit down and don't be scarred but there was an accident,

then I heard your voice in my head telling me to calm down and relax,

so I got up and went with the police but I had this feeling like something bad had happened to you,

When I arrived at the spot, I saw you lying there on the pavement,

and I bent down to whisper I love you as I started to cry,

but you told me not to worry because you loved me and everything would be alright.

Then the ambulance came and took you away,

when we arrived at the hospital I walked in and waited for you,

but you never came out and then I saw the doctor with eyes, so sad,

and he told me to please sit down there is something I have to tell you,

I'm sorry but your boyfriend has died.

I started crying and yelling, out for you,

  but you weren't there,

but I remember what you had told me,

If I was ever in doubt, close my eye's and I could see you there beside me,

I was waiting for a right moment because I had something I wanted to tell you.

I'm pregnant, and its a little girl,

so what am I supposed to tell our daughter when she cries out for her daddy,

the saddest thing is that I didn't tell you goodbye,or that I loved you,

before you left I never thought 20 minutes could turn into a lifetime,

I love you and I will never forget you,

You were only twenty years old and I a girl of nineteen,

and I always thought I would spend the rest of my life with you.

copyrighted©February 13,2009 Heather Feazel

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Starward's picture

Enormously powerful! This was an excellent, but gut-wrenching, read, and I applaud your verbal talent.


[* /+/ ^]

blackinkusa's picture

You will spend the rest of your life with him...in your heart. Until you meet him in heaven. I have to go dry my face now!