I'm finally leaving,

I will not reveal where I am going.

For I don't want you to follow.


don't bother to chase me.

You must prepare for your day tomorrow.

You and I are 2 different people,

2 different people searching for 2 different goals.

I believed you loved me,

because it shows.

As I walk down the street to my destination          

I will choose not to wave goodbye.

It would pain me much to see you cry.

I finally leave,

I walk down the street.

Hey, maybe one day our 2paths will meet.

Finally I'm gone, yet you didn't chase.

Now I am praying to see your face.

I was too hard headed

to stay for whome I loved.

I begged for you not to follow,

yet I truly wish you had.

All because of me

I am alone and sad

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