In the End

In the begining the world was quiet.

It was only quiet for what seemed like a minute.

Suddenly the world is violent.

everyone and everything in it

Not many on earth are wishing to die,

but the time is over for making choices.

They're begging to God with a tear in their eye.

You can hear the fear in their voices.

Everyone is hoping to stay alive,

but the Devil is screaming "Attack!"

Only the chosen ones will survive,

and now there's no turning back.

Sinners are dying. Every killer, theif, and liar.

Not comprehending the meaning of


We never would have burned in the fire

if temptation we would have resisted.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty self explanitory.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

greattttt....hey.. you seem to me a very good poet and this is one of your sweet poems to read your more poems if you add..and hope you will go through my poetry if it touches your heart too. love to read your all poems... must be good