Poor Monica

Monica was smart, and was a girl so innocent,

until she got caught up with the wrong crowd.

She began to do these horrible things

which her mother had never allowed.

She smoked alot of marijuana everyday,

and sometimes she liked to snort the "powder."

Suddenly she became a completely different person

as her mind was becoming much cloudier.

Letting men abuse her body, and crush her soul,

in certain ways in which no female should.

People would ask why she degrades herself.

Her answer was, "Because it feels good!"

The truth of the matter was simple...Addiction!

But she was too nieve to see the truth.

I remember the day she became a stripper,

and started having sex in the booths.

I use to look in her eyes and see a special person,

but now I see a sad, lost soul.

I remember she wanted to become a lawyer,

but the sex and drugs she could not control.

Then one day she awoke to discover

she was pregnant, but didn't know by whome.

No more "mothers" help because she past away,

from sadness is what I assume.

To think, she use to be a wonderful person

who went to school, and achieved excellent grades.

Now she's lost with a child, has a bad ADDICTION,

and sadly poor Monica has A.I.D.S.

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sad. good poem.