10 Reasons I Asked You to Come Downstairs

Mental Illnesses


   My room is in the basement,

   When we moved here,

   the only way I could get my own room

   was by living in the lonely, cold basement

   and I'm ok with that.


   I'm lonely and cold.

   Just because I enjoy solitude,

   does not mean I always like it.

   Expecially when my sister, who lives across the distant hall

   never makes it back home.


   I have been so happy,

   that a mental breakdown is too much for me.

   I have forgotten how to handle my own feelings.

   They overwhelm me.

   I'm overly emotional.


   I'm overly emotional.

   My wonderful relationship is so hard,

   and I need a mother's advice.

   Because if anyone can get me through this,

   it would be you.


   I just miss you.

   And I also miss dad.

   And my so called ex-bestfriend.

   And I miss being loved

   without worry.


   I'm so worried,

   about pratically nothing that needs to be worried about.

   Like if you are going to make it home safe from the grocery store,

   or if someone will kidnap my siblings while I'm hidden downstairs,

   or if the shadows will creep back in my room at night while I try to sleep.


   I can't sleep.

   I am so tired,

   but I'm simply tired of life.

   It's so strenuous, I can't force myself

   to close my eyes and drift away.


   I'm afraid.

   Of loosing you and those I love.

   Of you and those I love.

   Of strangers and people that don't exsist.

   Of living.


   I forogt how to live.

   It begun to get harder to breathe.

   I'm choking on my words, gasping just to say hello.

   I don't remember how to get out of this bed.

   My feet tripping over themselves; I cannot walk.


   I think I want to die,

   but you can teach me to live.


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bishu's picture

Congrats Dear Jo on your imninent 1st anniversary on PP

Hope you are doing well .. in your career. Are you into university yet ? Merry Christmas in advance



lostboyjojo's picture

Thank you!!!

No i have not begun at Uni yet. I am currently attending my local community college.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Small girl with a big heart. -Jo 

KindredSpirit's picture


Let the bad go. Little one.

Let someone else worry about 

What you can not change.