The Fingers

My Christian Walk

We stretch out tender fingers of love

Seeking for an answering touch,

Fearing the gritty abrasion of a brick wall

Hoping there is more than emptiness.

And by a miracle, for a moment we touch other grasping fingers.


Gently they move into a dance,

Warmed by the approach of possible love,

Hoping that the fingers will catch hold and caress,

Drawing us forward into an embrace.

And just for a moment they lock into security.


But the lock slips, fails to catch

And the other fingers shiver and pull away

Pull back painfully, sensing the risk, afraid to hold on,

Protecting themselves in aloofness

And the seed of love is severed.


How long can the fingers of love keep probing

In a world where there is so much misunderstanding?

It wasn't meant to be that way. 

Trust is the first principle of the universe.

God reached out His fingers and trusted us.


God, when your children wrap themselves

Into tight self-contained balls, don't leave us there,

Unwrap our fingers again and touch us,

With Your fingers, Your hands, arms, heart.

And please, sometimes, wrap them in human fingers.


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lyrycsyntyme's picture

"Unwrap our fingers"

A most love-centric request.