Do Better For America

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Broken promises
And words of evil
Spoken from
The wicked tongue
Of the demented one
Rose to the top
On the backs
Of people
He cares nothing for
But for us to forget that
He would love
Nothing more
Claims to have worked hard
For everything he has
But lets be honest
He has been handed
One way or another
Everything he has ever had
Only cares about power
And how to get more
We are nothing but dollar signs
In his mind
And that's just not right


This madness

Has gone on
Long enough
It's time to 
Take a stand
And take our country back
Before it is so far gone
We don't even
Recognize it anymore
It's time to stand
For America

Verse 2

And heartless
Trying to do nothing
But impress a ghost
The father
Who didn't care either
The entire family
Only about power
If it doesn't make money
Then it means nothing
Fuck if it saves lives
All he cares about 
Are dollar signs
Knows not the difference
Between right or wrong
Just knows how to sell you
The same old dance and song
Respects no one
Especially woman
Just play things to him
Who can be shut up
By his people
On a whim
And this people
This is the guy you 
Want to fucking win?!


We must do better
For our dear America
We owe it to her
To ourselves
To get out of this hell
We must do better
Unless more insanity
Is truly what we wish for
Yes we must do better


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lyrycsyntyme's picture

I confess that, in my life -

I confess that, in my life - of which I've been old enough to see and attempt to comprehend several elections - this could be written by someone just before every election, and hold great truth for the incumbent. There might be fine points - such as treatment of women in said incumbent's sphere - that would vary (at least of what we know), but the overall premise could be an ode against any president in my lifetime. And, to be honest, against any opposing "choice". As a matter of fact, these very sentiments have been repeatedly shared by people on the previously "losing side" in every election that I've witnessed. The "winning side" don't ever see it, though. We are divided by feelings of victory and defeat more than united by the realities of constant defeat, I am afraid. Perhaps these emotions are stronger with Trump, but they are prevelant every 4 years.


Your anthem, to me, in short, is an anthem of many - though you might be surprised, if you took a time machine forward or backwards, who might be singing along. Worth thinking about, I believe. Thank you for sharing.

LittleLennonGurl's picture

I'm glad you like it

Sadly yeah I'm pretty sure I wrote similar things before the election 4 years ago as well and before Bush was re elected. It's nothing new but if its in my head I might as well write it right? 

lyrycsyntyme's picture

The great thing about writing

The great thing about writing - or one there of - is that we can go back and look at our perceptions and feelings, and compare to the present. Which is all the more reason why, yes, you "might as well write it". Absolutely. All the best to you : )