Will We Let It End

Song Lyrics
Verse 1
Static in the air
Surrounds us
The world
Falling apart
The answers
So unclear
Society lives in fear
Of what next
May come to be
Holding our breath
Too scared
To look and see
The identity
Of our next enemy
Change right around
The corner
Coming one way
Or another
For worse
Or the better
To be determined
As the world
Waits with
Baited breath
To see
If this madness
Gets to end
Verse 2
Four years
Of chaos
All leading to this
The year of
Of unrest
And a pandemic
Lead by a president
Who not only
Just doesn't get it
But he truly doesn't
Even seem to want to
Have a chance
To end it tomorrow
But will we take it
Only time will tell
If we allow ourselves
Out of this hell
It's all up to us America
Please lets not fuck this up
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Not sure why it posted like that

I hate that things like this keep happening when I post things but I hope you enjoy it anyway.