A Full Moon Message

Halloween eve
Full moon shines
So brightly
Bathing me 
In a magick
Words dare not speak
Inspiring me
To keep going
In a world
Not so friendly
You got this
A voice whispers
In the darkness
I look around 
And smile 
At the spirits
That have come to say hello
You are stronger 
Than you know
So keep going
My girl just go, go, go
For soon you will find
Exactly the answers
You have been 
Looking for
I smile as I thank them
Before heading inside again
With a smile
A mile wide
My heart swells 
Finally feeling
Like it has found
Its purpose

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

A very uplifting poem that,

A very uplifting poem that, itself, taps into one of our greatest sources of encouragement: the beautiful energies within nature around, and universe above, us.