A Dreamer Watching In Silence

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
In a world of chaos
The dreamer
The writer 
Sits in the corner

And in the shadows
Observing, learning
From the madness
That surrounds 
So deafening 
It barely anymore
Seems to make a sound
Abused by the people
Who don't understand
Understanding them

Is her specialty
She waits for her time
To speak her mind
And finally awaken the blind

The lessons learned
In a hidden silence
Teaching her 
The truth
About hate and violence
Now she gets ready
Today is the day
She finally takes her stand

Verse 2
Hiding in the darkness
Thinking she is alone
She finds another one
Just like her
Waiting and watching
For others
They gather
No longer alone
And stronger
Forever growing
No longer silenced 
By the shadows
As they step out 
To face a world 
That will never again 
Be the same


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lyrycsyntyme's picture

I like your song.

I like your song. The idea of being a student for some time, before attempting to tackle the great challenge that is humanity, is noble and wise. Yours tells a story of someone awaiting for a moment - their hour - and not wasting a moment while in wait. It's an inspiring portrayal of patience, understanding, maturity and purpose. I'd only adding a refrain that opens the window a bit into what exactly they attempt to do when they step out into the world. :)