Long Live The Rightful YouTube King


Verse 1
The rightful king

Of YouTube
And you and I 
Both know he

Earned the 
Hell out of that title
And yet here comes
T-Series once again
Right on his ass
And as usual 

He reacts to it 

With class
But my fellow bro's
We must fight this
Yes Long Live
The Rightful King
Who stands and fight
For us all
While making us laugh
And forget our troubles
One video at a time

And spread the word

The war is not over yet

Pewds must win
For it is a win

He more than deserves
Just ask anyone
His charity work
Has helped

Verse 2
From Swedish nerd
To YouTube god
Despite what
People like
Matpat says
He did it 
All himself
He earned his subs
No cheating 

The system here
He didn't need to
Hard work
Great personality
And a sense of humor
That would make you
Happily die laughing
While doing all he could
To help others
If that isn't a hero to you

Then I don't know what is
So go on

Do what you know is right
Subscribe and enjoy

The amazing 

Person and hero
That is our beautiful Felix
Long Live PewDiePie!!


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georgeschaefer's picture

You Tube King?  I don't if I

You Tube King?  I don't if I should be excited or scared.  nice poem, though.