17 Years Later

That day we woke up

To most it felt
Like a normal
Every day
But to others
It felt weird
It felt quiet
Something was wrong
But we just couldn't
Put our finger on it
Yes we knew 
Something was off
But even we
Had no idea what
Was coming
One plane
Two planes 
In total
Three planes
Then four
Planes of people
Who lost their lives
And because of the
Reason why

There would soon
Be a lot more
Lives lost 
Because of hate
From those 
Nothing short 
Of insane
And now that day
Is  permanently
Seared into our brains
And since then
The world has

Never been the same
And sadly never will again
Now it's 17 years later
And society is more
Broken than ever
Turning that hatred 
Against one another
We are destroying each other
Instead of helping 
Our brothers and sisters
And I for one
Am beyond sick of it
Aren't you?

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remdmber exactly where I was and who I was wiith the minute this happened.

good read for contemplation.

never forget.

where we’re you?

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I remember very vividly where I was

I was in english class in a school I was not happy being stuck going to. My mother who worked in the office came in and told our teacher who told us. At that point class stopped and we turned on the tv and watch the insanity that was happening. We were speechless and it still makes me cry just to think about it.

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You have to

Do things to keep the memory alive.

we came together as a country so much...after that day...

and now look at us.

hate speech.