A Country So Numb It Needs to Wake Up

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Another shooting
A country so used to it
They are numb 

To this bullshit

Oh we pretend to care
Because we know we should
But always fall short
When it comes to making
The changes we know

That we should
While all around us
More and more lives

Are being so wrongfully taken

By those who we 

Just didn't care enough

To stop when we could
Another day
Another tragedy
That we are so 
Used to seeing
We hardly blink an eye
While believing the lies
Of the politicians
Who claim to care 

About our lives
And we wonder
Why nothing is ever right
Verse 2
On both sides
Only caring about
Dollar signs
And the power

They want

And think they need

That they get 
While fucking our rights
In the ass

And splitting the country
Right in half
How did we get here
Gee I wonder
Come on people

Wake up and get a clue

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Beatnik1979's picture


im picking up on it..for sure.

Here’s something more...

for the cost of one NFL contract....we could ensure proper security measures 

in all the schools in the entire county for probably a few years.

a hundred million here...

a hundred million there...

but no donations.

why is that, do you suppose....

no Mind.

everyone is more upset about not standing for the flag. 

I particularly enjoyed the ass fuck reference.

well done

Stephen's picture

"Politicians only caring about dollar signs"

Texas representitive Louis B. Gohmert, Jr. has a net worth of minus $12,500.