Happy Friday The Thirteenth

Song Lyrics

Happy Friday the 13th
Now lets go over some 
Rules of the day 
For you to follow
So that pain 
And misery 
You, doesn't follow

Verse 1
1. Stay inside 
And lock your doors
2.For luck, throw some salt
Over your shoulder
In fact do it twice
Just to be sure 
3.Stay away from 
The neighbors black cat
4. Wear your lucky hat
5. And do your best to ignore
Those crows gathering 
In your backyard

It's Friday the 13th
A day notorious 
For being un lucky 
I'll get you through it
All you have to do 
Is listen to me 
And tell me now
Do you feel lucky

Verse 2
6. Stay away from that umbrella
And don't you dare 
Open it in doors
7. Remember not to walk
Under ladders
8. And stay out of the water
Remember Camp Crystal Lake
Is not a good place
To be on a day like today
9. Stay in groups 
Splitting up is just stupid
10. And most importantly 
If Jason finds you and you run
Don't trip while running you idiot
That is unless you have a death wish


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Morningglory's picture

You're awesome

Made me laugh out lout and then keep chuckling. Thank you for that!

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