Hope Restored


I wake up today,
Fresh and renewed,
And hope is restored.


No more despair,
Today marks the change,
And hope is restored.


I miss you all,
And none of you lost will be forgotten,
But hope is restored.


There is no next one,
Just life to live,
Because hope is restored.


I have released my demons,
They no longer control me,
My hope is restored.

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  I lost hope but found


I lost hope

but found it

this morning

when my eyes



Once opened,

hope leaped in

via the door ajar

and the gangly

pup bound upon

me and barked



The winter happened

overnight, but warm

coat and boots, gloves

and scarf made

taking the big pup

out for a stroll. Hope

was in his eyes

and feet as he

spotted his tree.


The fire roars

the phone rings

and voices of friends

make hope a sound.


Stella L. Crews