Sweet AND Sour Pickles


Of mushroom of foil

so elegant and royal

falling down the tunnel

sand running through a funnel

memorable and soft

up in the loft

teasing tickles

sweet AND sour pickles

and they sing and dance

they sway in delightfull trance

and then the msuic stops

the curtain suddenly drops

the screams do fill the air

the sound of cruel dispair.

but even villain's have hearts

using mind skills as arts

and ladybug fly away home

not every road leads to rome.

the ones that do

will test you true

and the apple falls close to the tree

the sins slither through adam OR eve.

and poisen intoxicates minds

it's more than one cares to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this spur of the mo, while talking to ashamaly on msn, i actually ytped it to her all at once. lol, yay!

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