Seeking Happiness! [Short Story]

Bina entered the room like a tornado [A]! She is so angry; her cheeks have turned red! Her husband, Ifaz, has come in. He finds Bina standing next to the dining table inhaling and exhaling breaths so fast. Ifaz does not utter any word. He simply walks towards the sofa slowly like a criminal and sits by moving the remote control away. His left hand is put on his chin. He is looking like a lost Greek soldier! She is literally fuming like fire! Throwing a glass towards the TV, she says,

- Marrying you is the worst decision of my life! It was heavenly when you expressed your love for me 3 years back [B]. Now, I can see your real face. You have been deceiving me by your MASK. Not anymore!

- What have I done?

- You do not know what you have done! I have so wanted the child but you and your parents have made me abort it. Why? Because it was a girl and your mother does not want to have a “GIRL” as a grandchild! How could she herself being a woman even think like that?

- But, I wanted to have the child! What is my fault?

- You just shut the hell up? You are spineless like a cockroach! Why were you not bold enough? Why did you not assert that we want the child?

Ifaz goes near Bina and tries to console her by wiping her tears away. She does not let him do that. She rushes towards the washroom like a rocket! He goes back to the sofa, takes the remote control , keeps it on the little table at the corner and lies down on the sofa. He looks at the ceiling being so depressed. The fan is moving. He compares his life with the fan. In fact, his life is moving on and on like the earth. His life has no balance whatsoever! Ifaz opens his eyes after hearing a noise. It is coming from the bedroom. Actually, he comes to know that Bina has dropped the luggage so hard on the floor that it sounded like something happened! He has thought she may have hurt herself accidentally [D]. He calmly asks,

- Where are you going?

- I am leaving!

- What do you mean?

- It is over! Our marriage is over! I cannot stand it anymore!

Ifaz holds Bina’s hands gently and tries to hug her but she moves herself away towards the corner. She is still crying; her eyes look red like the red roses. She leans against the wall and looks outside the window. It is raining outside; it is also raining inside, inside her heart, there is ceaseless rain! The outer rain shall stop within a few moments but her inner rain does not seem to be stopping! Ifaz goes to her and keeps his hand on her right shoulder; she moves again and starts packing up her clothes.

Bina leaves. She throws the ring at Ifaz while departing. After some moments, he makes a phone call but she does not answer it. He calls her several times but his endeavors go in vain. After a few seconds, Ifaz tries to connect but finds that Bina has blocked his phone number! Out of anger, depression and all, he kicks the dining chair and hurts himself. He thinks that perhaps, as pressure creates diamonds, pain can purify his soul, pain can help to change himself, pain can make him a better person, pain can turn him into a being with a ‘spine’! Pain, pain, pain!

This is a mere physical pain, much more weighty mental pain awaits Ifaz. His phone rings. He becomes delighted by thinking that the call must be from Bina. He gets the phone and looks at the screen. It is not from her; it is from her mother. Before Ifaz tries to say something, his mother-in-law starts crying like a child! He realizes that something so bad has happened! He frantically asks,

- What happened?

-  My daughter has committed suicide [C]!

- Oh God! Oh no! Oh God!

Ifaz falls to the floor. He has lost his consciousness. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself at a nearby hospital. Actually, he had a serious injury in his head while he fell down at home. His parents and other relatives are eagerly waiting for the doctor to say something positive about Ifaz’s recovery. The doctors are trying their best to save his life but the condition is so critical. He feels that he is also going to die; he smiles a little by thinking that he is going to join Bina soon in the afterlife! Without her, his life is nothing! It is like the sun without the moon! As the sun and the moon together make the world beautiful, livable and balanced, similarly, Ifaz believes that his and Bina together used to make LOVE itself beautiful! Indeed, she was angry with him but she loved him so much.

Ifaz closes his eyes. The teardrops pass his cheeks and fall on the bedsheet. His brain takes him to an endless journey now. The day they first met, the way Bina smiled, her unique way of running fingers across her hair, her love for the poor, the pets, their walking together on moonlit nights along the river, her kisses, love, affection, her whole existence- all are drawing his attention strongly as if the memories are pulling him like a colossal piece of a magnet!

Out of the blue, Ifaz sees a baby girl; she is as cute as Bina! They are looking at him in utter contempt. He feels that, just like Bina, the unborn baby also considers him as a murderer; as if he is the meanest creature on earth! More teardrops from his eyes pour out at that very moment. He says to himself, “Yes, I agree, I am a murderer!” Ifaz breathes his last [E]! 

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