Victory will Be Yours! [Unrhymed Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Will be

In your hand

None can stop you

None can defeat you ever

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Inexplicable Consequences


Evolutionary maturity encounters plethora of apexes and nadirs. Dynamic existentialism presupposes failures periodically, partners expire, flood inundates habitats, Covid morgues sibling or protegy. Providentially, catyclysms engulf homo sapiens. Victory for disenfranchised Caste trapped excritiating conceptualized reigns when each agenda inculcates nutrition quests perpetually. Mininscule celebratiry occasion is anathema to multitudinous throngs of famish prone unconsidered and marginalized, Doc. 



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Too much philosophical!

I find the comment full of philosophical insights, dear! Smile

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Plague And Optimism

We impeached a prez and further divided from 77 million lied to gullible. Reality has strange outcomes. The death rates equal millions now on Sol's third planet and here, racism grabs all the jabs, dear. Victory will be 2 jabs, if, as discovered in Mexico, the second jab is available. More will die due to greed and inhumanity. Hard real - daily.