the things I told myself after you left.

little did i know the last time i kissed you would actually be the last. i was depressed for a long time after you left, you left me with nothing but a broken heart and some memories that i just want to forget. i feel now that it's honestly come to and end between us and it hurts but it is how the world works, you love someone and sometimes they don't stay in your life for long, they make an appearance then vanish. how am i supposed to get over you? how am i supposed to be okay knowing the love that was supposed to be given to me is now being given to someone new? i suppose sometimes you have to wipe away the tears and pretend everything is fine in order to make yourself seem less venerable. If there's one thing I've learnt it is that you are stronger than the heartbreak and you will realize one day that the things that you once thought would kill you actually made you a lot stronger. you just have to let them go, let go of what you felt, let go of the kisses, let go of the i love you's, let go of the possibility of them with someone else. channel all of your negative feelings into something positive, take all your anger and hate and turn it to love and put your love into a hobby and keep your mind from wondering into a place you do not want it to be. don't be depressed, be new, let it change you, let flowers grow from your heart and tangle themselves in your ribcage because you are much more than the pain that you have been through. they say time heals all wounds and I'm not so sure how true that is but my god I hope one day if you are heartbroken you find the happiness you deserve. don't let someone's mistakes and stupidity define you, you are a human being and you deserve to feel as amazing as you truly are. don't let an ex lover destroy you, let the pain renew you. Instead of becoming one with them, become one with yourself... 

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if you are heartbroken, or lonely or just need someone in general i am here, feel free to message me. ❤️

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Beautiful, Thanks

Beautiful, Thanks
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Thank you and you're very

Thank you and you're very welcome! xoxo


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This is very good

I might need an appointment

Dr. Julxe


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I'm always just a message

I'm always just a message away! Xoxo