I like my life the way it is
I enjoy the perks of being single
I love the freedom it provides
The liberty to flirt, to date, to mingle

But there are these constant reminders
That flying solo is just a fleeting delight
I can only do so much to ward off these thoughts
That plague me when I’m lonely at night

Its when I’m cuddled underneath the blanket
And when I'm lying there alone in the dark
Its when these blasted holidays come and go
And when I see them kissing in the park


Its when I know I’m incomplete
Longing for that which makes me whole
Life is a journey
Sweeter than honey
But so much sweeter when not traveled alone


You will be my best friend 
We’ll laugh together at our idiosyncrasies
We’ll be a network of endless support for each other


We’ll go on road trips together
Be spontaneous and take risks we never dreamed of taking
Make love in the wildest of places


I want someone to take our picture
I want to hear your messages on my phone
I know you have got to be out there somewhere
My other half who yearns to no longer be alone

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