We live our life in fragments…moments that are fleeting.

We spend a lifetime accumulating pieces to a puzzle we are, everyday, completing.


Our parents begin our puzzle…(it is after them our puzzle’s named)

as they assemble the border pieces in which our puzzle will be framed


And though we’re happy they have set the boundaries…and arranged our cornerstones

there comes a time in every life when we must search for pieces on our own.


And so we spend our days and nights searching…determined not to quit…until we discover that one piece…that is a perfect fit.


But we don’t have long to enjoy the moment…how two pieces have aligned…because we know our puzzle’s incomplete…and there are more pieces left too find…


And we have days the puzzle goes together easily…and our hearts and spirits soar…while other days we can’t seem to find the piece we’re looking for.


And sometimes our pieces seem to fit perfectly …we’re sure together they belong…only to find we were mistaken…and wonder how we could have ever been so wrong. 


But in all of our searching…through our calm waters and our storms…piece by piece the puzzle of our life…of who we are…begins to form.


And such is the nature of our puzzle…that it may, at times, confuse…for the picture changes daily depending on the pieces that we choose.


In the end we hope we’ve chosen wisely…

that no piece has been mistreated

and our friends and family will smile…

at the puzzle we’ve completed.



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lyrycsyntyme's picture

The puzzle is never completed : )

None the less, a wonderful poem. I like the way you used the puzzle concept to speak of many things, including the basic outline ("the border pieces) of whom we are that is formed by our parents. The very way you shaped your poem, visually, has a positive effect on the intake of your thoughts, as well - certainly to this reader. Very much enjoyed :)