In the circle of life it is vital we peacefully co-exist…which means our children and our elders should never be dismissed.


Children, who are at the beginning of life, and elders, who are nearing the end are equally important and come with their own dividends.


Our children remind us there is wonder and hope…around every corner…around every turn…while our elders have already experienced so much of what we are waiting to learn.


Why should we listen to our children and our elders?

Because...not only is it important to our growth…

but there comes a point in our circle of life…

when we will have been both.



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It is also important that our

It is also important that our children and elders listen to each other (particularly the children taking in from the elders, mind you, for reasons that I think are obvious). Currently, society via media is not encouraging this. It's detrimental for us to allow this failure to occur. Up until I was in my late teens, it seemed that the culture of gathering around the elders still held some merit. Kids would listen to stories of their grand parents. Probably not like they once did, but it certainly happened. I work with children, and they are mostly dismissive of their grandparents now (the grand parents still seem interested in the children), and the kids mainly seem to want them to serve bowls of cereal while they watch videos on youtube or twitch. It's alarming. And it's not the kids fault. They are too young to understand what they are missing. It's those of us who've heard the stories, who've gained the wisdom, and who have taken on the task of sorting the truths from the biases of a past time that need to step in and say, "hey, sit down and listen. Shut that thing off."