I was brought up believing in the American Dream…that every person in America…everybody…every soul…has the same opportunities to fulfill their hopes and wishes…to achieve their highest goals.


But for women and other Americans with a different color on their face…when it comes to the American Dream…this hasn’t always been the case.


There have been some Americans throughout our history who to other Americans have been more than just unkind…who have forgotten no-one created on this Earth should be enslaved, mistreated or left behind.


Which means the American Dream…the one instilled in us by our fathers and our mothers…

an never be called the American Dream even for some

if it’s been a nightmare for so many others.

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Political Poetry

Social issues - "Slavery" today's version is  a shadow of the institution. As humans, we have not progressed or evolved much. The not me defence grows thin. All of us let this inequity happen. The xyzers are not going to be happy with us.