Kintsukuroi (KInt-soo-gi) is a Japanese art form…it is ancient…very old…it consists of repairing broken pottery with little bits of gold.


The idea is a simple one…innocent at it’s core

Where something that’s been broken can come back more beautiful than before.


It is a wonderful lesson…how something broken can be more beautiful…and new

It’s a lesson, if I’m not mistaken, that applies to people too.



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Very educational; I wonder if

Very educational; I wonder if this concept dovetails into the aesthetic of wabi-sabi.


 ... I came back to amend this comment in order to thank you for helping me to locate an interesting article on wabi-sabi, which includes a mention of the Kintsujoroi, and which applies to many different art forms within the Japanese culture.  As a bonus, the article linked me to a video about wabi-sabi, which I have not had time to watch yet, but that will be reserved for later today.  I thank you very much for this poem, which has caused me to do a little research and find some very ineresting results.  Thanks again.


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