When my world sometimes seems tragic and I’m finding it difficult to cope

the full moon is there to remind me…there is always hope.


Usually I walk in darkness before the light of day

but once a month the clouds will part and a full moon lights my way.


And the road that, only yesterday, was blanketed in the black of night

by some miracle, today, is bathed in reflected light.


And I can feel my hope return…knowing nature has found a way

to, once again, remove the darkness by blending night and day.


The birds who think the day’s begun…begin to sing in voices clear and bright

harmonizing with the owls who still believe it’s night.


And the animals, usually hidden in the shadows or who sleep during the day

also feel the hope as they come out to play.


The rabbits hop a little higher…it’s fun to watch them play

reminding me of children underneath the tree on Christmas Day.


As the moonlight into every crevice of the morning seeps

many a flower is fooled into awakening and today will lose a little sleep.


And if you listen closely…to do this you must stop along the way

there is a moment when the crickets stop their chirping…

and the trees begin to pray.


So…whatever happens today…tomorrow…

when I have moments I find it difficult to cope…

How blessed am I to have the full moon

To remind me…

there is always hope.

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I applaud your use of the

I applaud your use of the moon as a sign of hope.  Too long the moon has been abused as a symbol of the eerie, the ghostly, and the ghoulish.  I think that many forget that even the annual calculation of the proper date of Easter is as much based on the date of the first full moon after the vernal equinox.  For the moon to be one of the components of the Easter calculator gives it a significance that is far greater than the ghostly and the ghoulish.  Thanks for remining us of how hopeful the moon can be.


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