All my life I’ve loved to draw…the many people and things in front of me.

The only problem is the things I draw…don’t always look like what I see.


It seems it should be easy which is why I do not understand

how the beauty I see before me gets distorted by my hands


I can draw the sun, a house, and occasionally…a cloud

but all my other drawings would only make Picasso’s mother proud.


My drawings might be simple, they might be incoherent and raw

but that does not deter me…for I still love to draw.


All my life I’ve loved to dance…the moment I feel the beat

but it’s hard to find the right rhythm when I was born with two left feet.


When people see me dancing (trust me it’s not a pretty sight)

they usually call for a doctor and ask if I’m all right.


My movements might be simple…might make some think I’m in a trance

but that does not deter me…for I still love to dance.


All my life I’ve loved to sing…how I envy all the birds….

for they like me are happy singing when they don’t know all the words.


I think of myself as a nightingale whose voice is beautiful once let loose…

but from what I’ve been told by others…I sound more like a goose.


My voice may sound more like a bird who has a broken wing….

but that does not deter me…for I still love to sing.


I was lucky that a long time ago I came to understand

I don’t need to be an artist, a professional dancer or a singer in a band.


For despite my little drawbacks I am as happy as a clam

Happy drawing and dancing and singing…just the way I am.

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Are you familiar with the

Are you familiar with the poet, A. R. Ammons?  One of the greatest poets in America, he took up water-painting, late in life, as a hobby, not as a serious art.  His paintings are abstract, not pictorial.  After he had passed, a retrospective exhibition was held, and the paintings received quite a bit of attention.  Your poem reminded me of Ammons' paintings.


Not sure of the allusion to Picasso's mother---I have no knowledge of art or art history, so I am not sure how to read that line.


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