They’ve spent so much time at home…many a night and day

No traveling, no restaurants…from the experts guidelines they do not stray.


Since they could not physically journey…no traveling to or fro

they decided to travel through time…and oh the places they would go.


They know time has a way of controlling life…

for schedules they do not lack

They know time keeps moving forward and is never moving back.


But they know memory is different…they think of it as one of life’s little jewels.

Memory snubs its nose at time and refuses to embrace her rules.


So they’d go back in time and remember moments when they were children

when all they did was eat and sleep and play…

Specific moments…they’d remember…as if they happened yesterday.


He remembered the first time he said, “I Love You.”

He remembered a feeling so wonderful and new.

He even remembered what he was wearing

when she said…”I Love You, too.”


They remember the day they were married…when their began life anew

They remember so many moments as they grew old together too…


They remembered when their daughter was born…

Holding in their arms…a life so precious and new

and in the next moment they remembered

holding her daughter in their arms too.


So they’ve spent a lot of time together

remembering moments of their life with ease…

forward and backward…flying through time

stacking memories any which way they please.


They say time travel is impossible…

but this couple…now old and gray…

as they sit home during this pandemic…

has somehow found a way


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