I do not attend church but I do believe in God…

like many she’s a God I cannot see

and I am often quite amazed and awed at the signs she sends to me.


Usually I see no-one when I walk in the early morning dark

but today a young couple was sitting on a bench on the edge of our city park.


They looked so happy sitting there I wondered if they were newlyweds

I waved and as I passed by…”Love Ya” they both said.


Love Ya…when I heard those words I was immediately taken aback

and though I did not know this couple “Love Ya too” I instinctively hollered back.


Those two words were the extent of our conversation…

lasting only as long as they were said.

But for the rest of my walk I was smiling as ‘Love Ya’ echoed in my head.


I was amazed how these simple but beautiful words spoken by strangers along the way

could cause such immediate joy and influence my day.


Continuing my walk I noticed a man coming toward me…soon he’d be passing me by

So filled with the confidence joy instills…I thought I’d give ‘Love Ya’ a try.


He said good morning as he passed…and the moment he turned his head…

Good morning, have a nice day and….Love ya…is what I said.


Our conversation was over quickly…lasting only a short while

and I’m pretty sure once his initial shock wore off I saw that old man smile.


Instead of heading home I ran back to the bench

to thank the couple for the love they chose to share

but when I returned they were gone…

which made me wonder…were they ever really there?


Or perhaps they were two angels…

sent down to say a ‘Love Ya’ just for me….

A reminder to me to spread some love

from a God I cannot see.

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