They met on the beach as children…too young to comprehend

the difference in their colors…and they soon became two friends.


Two lives they happily shared…two lives easily aligned

They would remain two friends forever…their two hearts intertwined.


They came together often…they laughed and cried and played

So many moments they’ve lost count…so many memories they made.


When they graduated high school they began to drift apart

both knowing, despite the distance, they remained within their hearts.


They would meet periodically through the years…and through the miles.

remembering their youth together…sharing joys and tears and smiles.


On quiet moments when apart…innocently and unplanned

they would think about that day on the beach…when their camaraderie began.


They met one last time on that same beach under a clear cerulean sky.

This meeting not as joyous…they met to say goodbye.


One friend cried as the other’s ashes were spread across the dune

thinking he will miss his friend who was taken much too soon.


One friend remained on the beach alone…and whispered his other friends name

Thinking about the ashes we leave behind…and how all their colors are the same.


And remembering back to the moment they met…

and longing for the moment when…

two old friends, now separated,

will be two friends united again.

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Beautiful poem. I mourn that

Beautiful poem. I mourn that we live in a time where it's going to be incredibly hard for young people to formulate these relationships, because skin color is drawing a renewed hyperfocus that we had seemingly started to leave behind 30 or so years ago. I'm lucky, I know, to have been born in a time when it wasn't so difficult to start this kind of story. I'm also lucky to not be so old as to have many stories 'end' this way, at least not yet.