He used to wonder if it was true what they say about love

how true love never dies…

until he lost someone he loved

until he saw how it applies.


He loved this person with all his heart

which is the reason why he cried

when he knew she would be gone forever

when he was told that she had died.


And though that day was years ago

he thinks he knows the reason why

today he still hears her laughter

and he still hears her cry.


Why there are still days when he wakes up

happily…to his surprise

he knows that she is near him

even though he can’t see her with his eyes.


And he’s come to realize…

now true love is defined….

not only by who we are when we are here

but by all the memories we leave behind.

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What an excellent ballad

What an excellent ballad structure.


[* /+/ ^]