The best way to get in touch with who we are…

with our true self…with where our true identity lies

would be as often as we can…to simply close our eyes.


Closing our eyes is easy…in fact it’s the best way

to make a wish, to think, to hope, to dream…to kiss…to pray.


In the darkness of our souls…is where our wisdom does impart

there within the silence is where we listen to our heart.


If we close our eyes before we meet other people

before a relationship can begin

we react to what we feel not how they look or the color of their skin.


When we close our eyes….in our heart we know this to be ironclad…

that any kind of slavery

always was, 

always is 

and always will be bad.


When we close our eyes we know human rights should not have to be won

they should be universal and apply to everyone.


When we close our eyes we know everyone should receive the same education

no matter who, how, when or where….

We know that no one should go hungry and we know everyone needs care.


In fact when you stop to think about it…it’s ironic but it’s true…

when we close our eyes we can clearly see what it is we need to do.


Which makes me wonder: would this world be a little better

would it be more compassionate and wise

If its people every now and then…took the time to close their eyes.


And would we all be a little kinder…all us women…all us men….

If we followed what our heart is telling us…

when we open them again?


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