When we first heard about the comet with the odd name- Neowise

and we heard that we could see it- we decided to search the skies.


We knew if we didn’t see it now it wouldn’t be back for another 7000 years

so we read and we researched and we knew the exact moment it would to appear.


Immediately after sunset, just below the Big Dipper the experts stated with astronomical glee

just above the horizon to the northwest….is where this comet ought to be.


So we arrived early as the sun was setting and in the beauty of her fading light

a sea breeze, perhaps also looking for the comet, joined us…cooling off the night.


As the kaleidoscopic sun settled into the ocean we watched pelicans and sea gulls soar

and stood mesmerized by the undulating ocean waves as they merged onto the shore.


We counted stars as each made its appearance 

and once the moon made her presence felt.

we greeted the Big Dipper and, of course, Orion’s belt.


We recognized the North Star…Venus and Jupiter and Mars

and while we awaited the arrival of our comet…we even saw a shooting star.


We searched across the horizon looking for our comet with the unusual name

and although the night was clear and cloudless…our comet never came.


But we were not unhappy at the comet we did not see 

because we both stood there in awe

of the waves, the stars, the moon, the birds….

and all the other things we saw.


And isn’t that one of the beauties of life…perhaps that is a key

that it matters not the things we miss…because there’s so much else to see.


So as we walked away knowing we missed the comet…

we did not shed one tear

and we decided we would try again…

in another 7000 years.


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Any poem about an

Any poem about an astronomical phenomenon, or experience, is fascinating to me.  I read this one several times.


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