Have you ever wondered why we have a memory…the ability to rapidly recall

events that have happened in our life…events significant and small?


Perhaps it is the ability to create and recall memories that make a happy life:

Like spending three days in the cabin with our nephew and his wife


Sitting for hours on our porch bouncing memories off each other…

remembering Deborah’s mom and dad…recalling stories of Rick’s mother.


Eating slices of pie like they were candy…sharing sunsets you can’t put into words

Hours on the porch together….watching hummingbirds.


Showing Rick and Laura a different side of Asheville…one they never knew.

Taking time along the way to stop and enjoy the view.


Walking in and out of stores…in no hurry…no need for speed

Shopping for nothing in particular yet finding everything we need.


Being just as happy eating deep fried deviled eggs at a restaurant…

with the same contentment in our bellies

as sharing sandwiches on the porch for dinner

made with peanut butter mixed with jelly.


Sitting around a campfire with still so much to talk about

sharing more stories and more laughter until the fire burned out.


To continue sitting by the embers as into the darkness we all blend

Holding on a little longer…to a moment we don’t want to end.


Waving as they drive away this morning…but happily aware

that memories of these days together still linger in the air.


Perhaps that’s why we were created with a memory

to have a place within our heart, our soul, our brain

where, after a moment has come and gone,

the memory remains. 


So when we need a moment of contentment in the future

all we need do is pause a little while

and take moment to remember

a moment to close our eyes…


and smile.

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Very impressive. I love it!

Very impressive. I love it!