It’s apple season in the mountains and with family stopping by

that could only mean one thing…it’s time for apple pie.


The mountains, family, apple pie…we are living the dream.

so for dinner we celebrated with a slice of pie and topped it with ice cream.


We sat on our porch and talked into the evening while listening to the rain.

When we awoke next morning we noticed…half the pie remained.


Our parents taught us never to waste food…for that would be obscene

so for breakfast we had another slice…this time sans ice cream.


If you think pie for dinner then pie for breakfast might lead to our demise

Fear not…we didn’t put ice cream on our breakfast pie…hey, we’re not uncivilized.


After spending a lovely day in Asheville…before we bid the city goodbye

we decided to meet our son for dinner…and he suggested pie!


We looked at one another and smiled…thinking…this must be fate

and when we saw the restaurant served pie flights we hollered…”It’s a date!”


A flight of pies…how novel…how lucky could we be?

Instead of having just one slice…we’d be eating three!


And the waitress will forever tell the story how a group of grown ups cried

when she told them a flight of pies is served with a scoop of ice cream on the side.


I’m not sure if it was being surrounded by family…or the sugar high we were one

but we sat in the restaurant and talked and laughed long after the pies were gone.


Back on the porch for the evening with a crescent moon descending in the sky

I thought to myself how wonderful is the day…that begins and ends with pie.


And how family is like a flight of pies…each one of us a different slice upon the plate

but when you put us all together…you’ve got something that tastes great!


And when you top those slices off…with a dollop of ice cream…

You know you’ve got something special…


you know….you’re living the dream.

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This ice cream theme delights me

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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"a flight of pies"

That is hilarioius as is "the sugar high".  - enjoyed. slc