For 30 years we’ve been coming to the mountains…to our cabin in the trees

where we listen to its serenade and catch the morning breeze…


But it’s not just a vacation cabin…for Deborah’s parent’s sake we try to renew it…

If there’s something that needs to be done around here…then happily…we do it.


I was working in the yard today…getting the cabin ready as summer nears

When I realized as I looked down at my feet

I’ve been wearing these same shoes for 30 years.


For 30 years around this cabin on every job that I complete

these shoes have been the only shoes…I’ve worn upon my feet.


They go everywhere around the yard…they’ve seen dirt and mud and ice

They’ve even helped me escape the yellow jackets…that only stung me twice.


They’ve been on little walks and hikes…in them I’ve laughed and cried

They’ve been on my feet for many campfires…and the day our Whitman died.


For 30 years we’ve been coming to the cabin….with still so much to see and learn

I’m glad these old shoes are here each year…waiting for my return….


You find as you grow older you experience something strange

Your head doesn’t feel any different but your body starts to change..


Your skin begins to wrinkle, your vision becomes unclear

Your nose flattens out…enlarges…and don’t get me started on my ears….

But every summer I slip on these same shoes…and as their friendship I reclaim…

I realize no matter how old the rest of my body gets…my feet remain the same…


Perhaps it’s natures way of reminding me…no matter how much grayer I get each day

My feet will always be there 

to hold me up…and help me find my way.


These shoes are filled with memories both good and bad ones too…

But they’re also filled with the hope of all the things I’ve yet to do…


And that’s why every summer when we return to the cabin

I put them on so joyfully

Because even though they’re old and weathered 


They keep going…just like me.

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