Universal Disregard

Your passing by has sparked my high.

To lose you now, with no goodbye,

Would justify my thought to die.


I turn around and say hello,

And gaze upon that angel's glow,

To set our course within the know.


The days have passed, yet there we stand.

The hourglass has drained its sand,

And life around us has gone bland.


Obsession starts to show its face.

Still standing at that meeting place,

Your interest now is gone in haste.


The answer was to push away,

Your growing feelings day by day,

And then you'd always want to play.


So now my thoughts of you are pain.

Obsession still without refrain.

Attempts to free you from my brain.


Left here alone still wondering,

Why frequently abandoning,

Is both the love and loss routine.

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    Lost love is always



Lost love is always hurtful in this poem you have written you sense that you are languishing for that lost relationship. Very appealing write, describes your loss and desolation well. Loved the rhyming too.




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Thanks for commenting. I'm

Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you liked my poem. This was an experience I fabricated to paint a picture of the similarities between love and loss. Both seem to require a balance between obsession and detachment. Or at least from my perspective, in order to effectively manage love or loss, some level of detachment is required to avoid becoming obsessed with either of these two very strong emotions.