Mirrored Self

You stand there staring back at me. Not quite sure in what you see. All our friends say I'm the best. But you say I'm no better than all the rest. Who is this stranger that you see? I guess that she would be me. Yes I've changed who I am today. Feel free to share what you want to say. Am I a bad person? Not at all. I'm just a girl who's taken a fall. Am I an angel. Not one bit. I'm just a girl lying in this pit.

So who is this imposter before you? She's a woman who admits she has no clue. Life has trapped her heart down deep. She has decided not to take any leap. Let it all go. Follow the flow. Just watch the show. Keep her head down low. No more pain will she take. She's decided love's a mistake. Too many lies she has been told. Too little hope that's made her cold. No man wants her as his own. They'd rather get her as a loan.

Destined to live a single life. Afraid she'll never be a man's wife. She cries herself to sleep at night. Struggling to win a losing fight. Yes that's the girl whom I see. When I am staring right back at me. Others don't see this girl that I do. That's only because she has fooled you. A front is what she presents. Because she doesn't want to be anyone someone resents. So please be kind. To this struggling mind. As she cuts the binds. To find new finds.

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Excellent inward view of

Excellent inward view of feelings. Wish you the best.