It seemed like a good time to let you both know

Some things I may not say enough or always have the time to show

Since the world seems upside down now as we watch the death toll grow

I want to share my heart with you, in case it's my time to go

A letter to my sons who soon will become men

Try to remember we all fall short at times, so don't focus on the sin

And don't dwell on past mistakes, but know it's okay to begin again

Laugh loud, especially at yourself, because we too often forget how 

And never break your promises or betray a spoken vow

Listen for when opportunity comes a knocking at your door

And answer, even if your scared, because great things could be in store 

Be grateful for all that you've been given and all that you have got

Be a champion to those less fortunate, who fight battles you never fought

Kindness should be listed like a skill on resumes 

Because it tells more about a person than any job could ever say

Take a stand, have a voice and vote no matter what

Some choices will be difficult, but most will be clear cut

Don't borrow stress from tomorrow, because today will have enough

And remember life's too short to spend it sweating all the trivial and small stuff

When you feel like life's too hard and nothing goes your way

Don't give up, but know pain ends, and it becomes our yesterday

Life's not fair so don't ever think otherwise

Sadly it seems to be made up of more lows and less highs

Lows like today where across the globe a virus made its way

So now we pray, we shelter in place and at home we have to stay

There'll come a time like 911 where this too shall pass

But not before our hearts break as more bodies start to amass

So if God decides that it's my time and  he needs me by his side

I need you to stay strong and not feel angry that I died

Because anger like that will hold you prisoner for many many years

And anger only masks what we are scared of or we fear

Remember God's plans are not always clear and sometimes not our choice 

But praise him despite that, even during times too hard to rejoice

I'll never be apart from you despite how it may seem

And I'll remind you each and every night when I visit you in a dream

I want you to know what I already know to be true


Which is, it would take more than death to keep me from you

You are my past, my future, my beginning, and my end

So remember this isnt goodbye though, because one day we'll meet again

You gave me my purpose my meaning, and my destiny

And even though I brought you into this world,

It was you two who gave life to me.


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  an inspiring poem  God


an inspiring poem 

God bless you and yours