Daughter of Mine

Dedicated to Alexis & Ariana Bragg

And parents
pass down from themselves
their traits
Pieces of themselves
unto their children
and their children
share a resemblance
to those who created them
Do you have my eyes?
Do you have my nose?
My hair, my ears
my height, my lips?
But you do have
a piece of me
In more ways
than one
you have my heart
dear daughter of mine
Fill it with love
With compassion
With forgiveness
Open it up to the world
Let them embrace you
for exactly who you are
Be strong,
but not invincible
Be careful,
but not afraid
Be brave,
but not negligent
Scream when you have to
Cry when you need to
Fall to pieces
when you feel
There's nothing
left to do
But be sure
to pick yourself up
and look into
the mirror
Breathe deeply
Find yourself again
Remember that
You are free
You are strong
You are beautiful
And most of all...

You are loved

dear daughter of mine

Feb 19 / 201

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem for two amazing twin girls!

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