All In Love


I know the temptation that sinks in that skin after I close the lights. They sit tucked into the smallest corners until it’s safe to come out again. I feel the way they rampage and the alert way they twitch. Wondering when the brightness will scourge them from the open walls again. How do you keep them from taking that semiconscious doorway for all it’s worth? Every second. Another. Hidden growl. Touch the way it drips from my own eyes. It’s not the tears or the sweat or the blood. It’s the need. Hungry and vicious. If we all keep this at bay, when it looses, when it frees, how do we freeze it? When we taste it, how do we take it back? This craving has a way to not resting. When the light will not be enough to send it hissing, what do we use to beat it down? 

Reason seems limp and lax in perspective with this raw energy. 

What keeps us human?

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