Not Everything

Not everything that some provocateur might bear

is like susteaning wheat, and not, merely, a tare,

not even worth a 'Aw, be damned," or "I don't care."

Bereft of common sense or wisdom---not one share---

it demonstrates my mother's best phrase, "Not all there."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yesterday, we were visited by a friend who, due to political differences, has avoided us for the last few years.  Although attempting to be polite, he basically said he would not see us again until we were all in Heaven---although now I have some doubts as to his arrival there.  Even my mother-in-law, who strives, with great success, to see the best in everyone, thought that was a strange, insensitive, and uncompassionate remark.

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  Opinions divide. The Spirit


Opinions divide. The Spirit unites


It is sad to see how many friends have separated.   I'm sorry that happened to you.



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Thank you.  Yes, it kind of

Thank you.  Yes, it kind of hurt to be brushed off like that right in my own living room, especially when our friends' impoverished daughter begged to borrow our spare dining room table because she had none, and then, upon arrival, they decided our table---which we had dragged across the house, including the extra leaves, the chairs, and other items---was not good enough for her.

I really think we are well rid of them, but it still hurt.

Thanks again.


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