Once Again


You were on my door
Perfect smile you wore
Tears had flooded me
But you'd never see

Like nothing happened, You
entered my room of blue
I wiped my tears away
Didn't know what to say

I promised myself I'd shout
But I took a new route now
I swore I'd leave you this time
But I stayed, don't know why

What my head was thinking
My heart kept on trashing
I'd erase your number
Though I still remember

Again, I'm a fool
Drowning in a pool
My heart broke but then
Here I was again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"ONCE AGAIN" is hating someone so much because of what that someone does to you but because you love that someone so much, you still have open arms whenever he/she comes.

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but someday eyes will open,

but someday eyes will open, hurt will end, and a person will look else where for love.  excellent thoughts.