On The PATRICIAN Style, 1

[to patriciajj, IL MIGLIO FABBRO]


Her PATRICIAN style, in all of her poetry's
lines, reaching from earth to the galaxies,
for a range that so consistently soars
to those heights in phrases and metaphors
that expand and extend our reading capacities.
Only dumbfoundeds may think they do not need her
work: but, using old Pound's words, I say READ HER.



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The English language should

The English language should have more words for "thank you" , "gratitude" and "appreciation", and they should be words that break out in song or unfurl into blossoms of granduer or open a portal to the stars. You know what I'm saying. Thank you for this brilliant tribute, and I should also say that your work is life changing, intriguing and far reaching. I urge everyone to read you. 

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Thank you, and I agree that

Thank you, and I agree that English, particularly mine, does not have the jubilant words that your poetry deserves.  Yours is not just an artistic calling, it is also a spiritual ministry.  Your word always---always!---reminds us of the cosmos, and the interconnection (especially made known by your metaphors and phrases), between all parts of that cosmos---the earthward, and the spaceward.  This, ultimately, hearkens back to the Scriptures, and that is why your poetry is a ministry.  You are one of the necessary Poets.  For me, that consists of Vergil, Dante, Eliot, Stevens, and patriciajj.  The earlier quartet has become a quintet.  And that has supplied, in my old age, the last missing piece that I sensed but could not define.  Thank you, a gazillion times over, for your poetic ministry.  And to any who read this comment, I say again, even more emphatically:  READ HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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