To Patricia Joan Jones, Poet Of Greatness, 1

I do not usually like to quote Ezra Pound---

but his words (for Eliot) were quite profound.

To Patricia Joan Jones, I offer them; they stir
whenever I read her poems which will long endure.

I say to you, in old Ezra's words, READ HER.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Verses in gratitude to my favorite poet, whose greatness is beyond my paltry words' ability to express.  Pound's phrase, READ HIM, was spoken at the Memorial service for T S Eliot.  Pound waited too late to offer this expression, which he had owed to Eliot for decades.  I have learned, over the course of my life, not to delay the expression of a compliment, because none of are promised tomorrow, or next week, or next year.

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I'm humbled and deeply

I'm humbled and deeply touched. And you are spot on in your note: say it now, because we are not promised tomorrow. So I'll say now that to be recognized by a talented and prolific writer such as yourself is rewarding beyond words. 

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Thank you.  You are one of

Thank you.  You are one of postpoems' Great Stars, and it is a privilege to bask and enjoy the light that radiates from your fusion of words and emotion.  As I have said in other comments, I did not expect, at my age, to have that youthful sense of wonder that poetry, in my adolescence and undergraduate days, brought into my life.  That youthful thrill has been gone for a long time, until your poetry revived it.  And your remarks allowed me to bring a troubling issue to a satisfying and permanent closure, for which---despite my medical condition---I feel unburdened and relieved, and very grateful, all at once.  I would not have been able to appreciate your poems in my undergraduate time, so I am glad I had to wait until now to read them.  Few oiets have ever had this effect on me. 


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