I Cannot Say

I cannot say I love you, nor can I admit.

That I am in love with you and can't stand it.

I want to say, but wanting to makes me no bolder.

Even though you're about 10 years older.

But age matters not to me, nor to my heart.

I just don't like the feeling of being pulled apart.

My soul says I love you, therefore it must be true.

So my mouth shapes the words that I want to say to you.

Yet, my voice stops from what you may think.

My train of thought is not too sure and my heart starts to sink.

I get to thinking when I am around you, just to feel your touch.

Just to get close because I'm attracted to you so much.

I want to hold you, as like in a romance.

Or embrace you and caress you, as in a slow dance.

It's like a tease, but knowing it's not your fault.

You make me feel special, that my heart does a somersault.

You are so sweet to me, yet I have to deny it.

You're somewhat older, you wont even buy it.

I can't write you a letter, because I'm not that way.

I either write in rhyme or let my feelings display.

You may think I'm immature because I'm just a teen.

Believe it or not, I've seen much more than any other has seen.

As I've said, in this situation, there's a strange role that I play.

But, under the circumstances, you know I cannot say.

Copyright �2004 Carlos A. Cook

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written to a counselor who helped me through some emotional problems. I was 16 at the time and knew we would never be together, but I wanted to tell her how I felt. She was a true friend to me. Ironically, some years later, I fell in love with a girl who was younger than me and she chose that poem to summarize how she felt about me, after reading some of my poetry.

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mar's picture

WOW... that really puts a picture in my head as a forbidden love...very romantic

Brittany Davis's picture

wow you are such an amazing poet. ur works really inspired me, its amazing how simple words can tturn a life around.ive read all your works and id have to say this one is my favorite. please keep writing. you are so incredably talented and never let anyone tell you diffrent. god bless you, ill be checking back for more!!


Sexy Slut's picture

Awww this poem is so cute